Do you mean to do more with your business blog but find yourself hitting a wall every time you try to start? Or maybe you’ve been putting off blogging for your wedding business for what seems like forever? A blog is an important part of your marketing strategy, and whatever’s holding you back, it’s time to turn it around. To help, I asked our HivePro content marketing specialist, Gaby Frescura, to break down five of the most common problems wedding pros come across – and how to overcome them!

Having a blog is one of the most effective ways to market your wedding business, whether you’re a planner, photographer, venue, floral designer, or other supplier. As a content marketing specialist, I’ve seen clients who invest in regular blogging go from zero to hero in Google rankings, resulting in better brand visibility and real enquiries and bookings. And yet I meet so many wedding pros who tell me they never blog. Why? Below, I’ve outlined five reasons why you aren’t blogging for your wedding business right now… and how to change that!


One of the problems I find is that, while many wedding pros have been told that they ‘should’ have a blog, they don’t truly understand the value. There are multiple benefits to blogging for your business, with SEO at the top of the list. To make a long story short, Google favours sites that regularly update their content. A blog does that in a way that also tells Google clearly what your business does and who you’re trying to reach by using relevant keywords.

But SEO isn’t the only benefit. Having a business blog also allows you to build your brand amongst your ideal clients, to position yourself as an expert in the industry, and to show off your portfolio. It’s a way to keep those dream clients coming back to your website, while giving them a sense of your personality and approach. It’s also a great way of generating content that you can use on your social media channels or in your newsletters. Think of your blog as the centre of your marketing strategy. Once you do, you’ll realise that the investment is worth it.


This is the objection I hear most often from new clients. But don’t worry, because everyone has something to share! I’ve worked with wedding pros who have just launched their brands and others who are massive names in the industry. I’ve worked with planners, caterers, stationers, and makeup artists. Sometimes it takes a little brainstorming, but we always end up with more blog topics than we need. Start with your keywords and the questions couples often ask you. Think about the kind of things your ideal client might type into a search engine as they plan their wedding. Give more general wedding planning advice a spin based on your location or specialty. And don’t forget to blog the weddings, styled shoots, and other events that you work on.


As wedding pros, I know your time is limited. So when you do schedule in some blogging time, you want to be able to use it as productively as possible. If you have to think up a new topic each time or go back into your emails to find the link to an image gallery of that wedding you worked on last summer, you’ll often give up before you even start. A little bit of organization can make all the difference. Create an editorial calendar for yourself with all the topics for the year laid out in advance. You should also create an image library for yourself, with a document in each folder that has relevant credits to other vendors. You’ll find this gallery useful in so many ways, including always having on-brand images available for your blog posts and social media.


Maybe you’re someone who has already put time and effort into blogging for your wedding business, but have been disappointed at the number of views and comments. If so, are your expectations unrealistic? Remember, a business blog for a wedding business is not the same as a wedding blog. You are not Style Me Pretty. Yes, successful wedding blogs get many thousands of daily views, but those views are often based on rich archives of content. You don’t need thousands of daily views to make a blog an effective marketing tool for your business. Your audience is the potential clients who come to your website and want to know more about you. If your blog is doing its job in terms of SEO, as well as speaking to those ideal clients, then it is successful even with just a handful of views.


I’m not going to sugarcoat it: blogging IS time consuming, even if you’re an experienced writer. There are some things you can do to manage that more effectively, like planning well (as mentioned above) and working in blocks of time so that you are better able to concentrate and knock out more than one post at a time. But I think one of the best ways to combat a lack of time is to blog realistically. Make it manageable! You don’t need to blog every day or week to blog regularly. If you can only blog once a month, that’s still going to provide a tangible benefit to your SEO. And that’s just twelve blog posts a year! Your posts don’t have to be exhaustive, either; 300-600 words is an effective length. If you have a longer topic, break it down into smaller ones and create a series. Before you know it, you’ll have everything you need! And of course, if you’d like to step up your blog game but don’t have the time to commit to it, you can always outsource!

So there you have it. Five reasons you WEREN’T blogging for your wedding business (but now you can!).

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