On the last weekend of April the Hive was looking it’s most beautiful as we welcomed 50 wedding professionals through the Hive doors for our first wedding industry conference, HiveLive17.  Since launching the Hive last year, this was the event I had been most looking forward to.  An opportunity to bring together wedding professionals navigating the few years of wedding entrepreneurship. To learn from experienced wedding professionals, and to share the best wedding business tips in an inspiring and educational event.

Of course the Hive was looking super pretty ready to welcome our attendees; with custom HiveLive17 signage from Oh Wonder Calligraphy, ice white tolix chairs provided by Velvet Living and spring-inspired floral arrangements by Ladybird Flowers adding a pop of pink (hello peonies!) Greeted with a custom goody bag, our guests were indulged in gooey donuts and delicious cakes from MonAnnie Cakes before settling down to hear our expert industry speakers cover a range of topics from becoming a full-time wedding pro to SEO.

wedding business tips from hivelive17 wedding industry conference


Each session was packed with priceless information from our industry experts, so for those of you who were unable to join us this time here are 7 wedding business tips you can take away from HiveLive17 (even if you didn’t attend!)

You deserve to make a profit!  

Bernadette and Sandy from the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners tackled the issue of pricing; something I know many wedding business owners struggle with.  Doing something you love 24/7 can be hugely rewarding, but without making a profit you’re simply running an expensive hobby.

Make no excuses for charging what you’re worth.


On day one my session on social media had one main message; consistency is key.  Think about your content, messaging and even your posting schedule. And don’t think you need to be on every single platform to be successful.  Pick two or three that you enjoy using and where you know your ideal bride hangs out.


If anyone knows how to schedule, it’s wedding planner Andri Benson, who joined us to speak about time management.  The solution to staying on top of everything? Batching together tasks like social media scheduling, responding to enquiries and doing your accounts. Knowing you have set chunks of time for these repetitive tasks means you can break them down into bite-size chunks on a regular basis and free up time for more creative work.


One of our biggest struggles as female entrepreneurs is mindset; we all have moments when negative thoughts paralyse us and prevent us from moving forwards.  One of the most powerful tools for success is a positive mental attitude, turning those negative thoughts around and making them into positives.  Change ‘what if I fail?’ into ‘what if I succeed?’.


On Saturday afternoon the Hive was hushed as we listened to Anna MacDougall from Bride & Glory share her cautionary tale about wedding planner burnout. She saw empty weekends in her calendar as goals that needed to be filled. This approach saw Anna taking on over 70 weddings in 30 months; she almost destroyed her health and personal life in the meantime.  Without you, there simply is no business. So, take care to schedule time out and relaxation in both your day-to-day and overall business life.


Over the weekend, the subject of target client was one which was touched on in many sessions, but none more relevant than Michelle Kelly, of Pocketful of Dreams, session on branding & marketing.  Knowing exactly what your target client likes & dislikes will inform how you reach them and how to align your brand with their aspirations and desires.


Finally, copywriter & SEO expert Ceri Olofson left us with an important thought when it comes to writing about our businesses and attracting clients; it’s not all about you! The key to drawing in your dream clients is with one hit to the head and one to the heart. Think about what can you do for your client and why should they book you.

We’re already planning next year’s event! For pre-launch tickets and exclusive early bird tickets REGISTER HERE for all our latest updates and news.

Until then, for more wedding business tips from the experts, join our industry Facebook group, Meet, Learn, Thrive and catch our weekly In the Hive interviews at 7pm on Mondays.

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Thank you to the HiveLive17 team:

Photography: Maxeen Kim Photography and Helen Warner Photography | Venue: B.LOVED Hive | Styling & Coordination: B.LOVED | On the day assistance: The Wedding Avenue and Bride & Glory | Signage & Stationery: Oh Wonder Calligraphy | Floral Design: Ladybird Flowers | Chair Hire: Velvet Living | Cakes: MonAnnie Cakes | Goody Bag Sponsors: Kate Cullen

And our speakers:

The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners | Andri Benson of Always Andri | Anna MacDougall of Bride & Glory | Ceri Olofson of Candour & Polish | Louise Beukes of B.LOVED | Michelle Kelly of Pocketful of Dreams