What’s your favourite wedding blog? Mine is, hands down, Elizabeth Anne Designs.  Filled with elegant and romantic imagery it’s filled with weddings that seem to have stepped out of every little girls dreams.  But it’s not just the swoons that I love about EAD, it’s Founder and Editor Ami Price is a powerhouse in the wedding industry, and as one of the industry’s most respected Editors for almost a decade she’s learnt a lot about what it takes to create a successful business.

Her passion for technology and business sense are what I respect Ami for most – she is continually pushing forward and creating something new. There is so much we can all learn from this lady, and I’m delighted to welcome her into the Hive today to share her insights into blogging for business.

blogging tips from ami price

Can you tell us how you got started in the industry?

Wedding blogs were relatively new in 2007, and a friend had just gotten married, finding little in the way of wedding inspiration online. There was an opportunity there, and there’s no better way to take advantage of an opportunity than to jump straight in! I knew nothing about publishing, next to nothing about weddings, and blogging was uncharted territory! Additionally, I worked full-time in the financial services industry as a Corporate Controller for a hedge fund, so starting Elizabeth Anne Designs was an adventure to say the least.

If there’s one piece of advice I can give to someone just starting out, it’s that there’s simply no substitute for hard work, research, and pure grit. I believe I got by on determination alone for the first year!

Elizabeth Anne Designs is one of our favourite blogs, and has a huge following! What do you think the ingredients of a great blog are?

I’m not sure I have found the secret recipe yet, or ever will, but thank you for the huge compliment! My top three ingredients for success are:

  1. A consistent vision that is implemented across all things that you do
  2. The ability to be nimble and to pivot when a strategy isn’t working
  3. Laying successful groundwork by doing the “not so glamorous” things well, including SEO and website structure

I not only became an expert in all things wedding, but I also became an expert in technology. That foundation has served me well.

blogging for business tips

Most of our members are bloGging for their businesses, rather than as professional bloggers. How does this kind of blogging differ – and do you have any tips?

When blogging for business your single focus should be to put your best work forward to gain the customers that you want to serve. Aesthetic is key. With every blog post and social media post you put out, ask yourself: is this the type of client I would want to book again? If the answer is no, don’t hit publish.

Alongside ELIZABETH ANNE DESIGNS you are also the CEO at Aisle Society. What is it, and how is Aisle Society relevant to the wedding industry?

Aisle Society is a collective created by more than 30 of the best wedding blogs throughout the world, (including B.LOVED!). Our mission is simple: to provide a comprehensive resource of the best wedding content online, while helping to propel our industry forward. Through our accompanying influencer network, we directly connect the top brands in the industry with consumers.

The Aisle Society editors are the brains behind Matchology, a fast, effective new way of submitting your work for publication. Our built-in matching technology will connect your event to the publications that are the best fit, saving you time and getting your work published more often! We are excited for our launch in just a couple of weeks!

aisle society interview

How can wedding professionals work with bloggers to help their businesses?

Bloggers cherish our relationships with wedding pros! Now more than ever, couples are turning to blogs and social media to find and vet their wedding pros before signing on the dotted line. Getting your work published on a reputable wedding blog ensures the social proof that today’s Millennial couple needs in order to feel comfortable booking.

What are you looking for when working with wedding suppliers? And what’s the biggest turn-off?

Aisle Society works with a lot of wedding pros! Our two main criteria are creativity and professionalism. By working with a pro, we are recommending them to our network, and we take that responsibility seriously! The biggest turn-off would be a lack of responsiveness – we so appreciate being on the ball with email!

And finally, I know you’re a tech junkie! What are your blogging secret weapons?

I am totally, completely, head over heels in love with Airtable. This FREE software is effectively a spreadsheet and database hybrid. The visual component is perfect for laying out your editorial and social media calendars, and the grid view is great for quick overviews of data. It will change your life!

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Photography: Alexis June Weddings