You’re doing everything right; posting on Facebook and Instgram multiple times a day. Replying to every comment on your feed. Interacting with others. Your follower numbers are up and everyone just loves everything you’re putting out there.

Your competitors seem to be getting loads of bookings on Insta, it’s the place to be for millennial couples dontcha know?

But I’m not booking clients on social media.

The fact is, you can’t build a business on Instagram alone. Or Facebook. Or any other social media platform, or combination of the above.

Don’t get me wrong, I love social media. It’s a great place for getting your message out there and showing potential clients what you do. You probably can’t run a modern wedding business without it.

But with algorithm changes meaning your posts are now reaching only a fraction of your followers (around 10% on Instagram and a measly 3% on Facebook) you need a smarter strategy to connect with and book clients on social media.

So, what exactly am I doing wrong?

Put simply, you can’t put all your eggs in one basket! Ever heard of the 7 touchpoints? This used to be how many times you needed to get in front of a client before they would take action – ie. send an enquiry or make a purchase. With social media you need more like 20 touchpoints, or more. So simply concentrating your efforts in one place just isn’t enough anymore.

What can I do about it?

1. Know your ideal client.

The first step to finding your ideal client is knowing who they are, what their biggest concern are how you can help them. Targeting your ideal client is about getting specific, that means finding out as much as you possibly can about the couples you want to work with. If you’ve already worked with your dream clients (or a version of), use what you know about them to build your profile. If not, think about the kind of people you want to work with and what problems you think they might be experiencing.

2. Review what you’re putting out there.

If you’re sharing pretty content but not showcasing what YOU do, then you’re missing a big trick! Don’t have images of your own work? If the majority of your posts are regrams, Pinterest or stock imagery then how are your potential clients ever going to connect with what you can do for them? You don’t need much to create your own beautiful imagery for social media, collaborate on a styled shoot or grab a piece of card, your camera phone and a heap of pretty props and start playing. You can get more tips for creating your own Instagrammable imagery in my blog post here.

3. Communicate your message clearly.

Ask someone who doesn’t know your brand to take a look at your feeds and describe what you do, who you do it for and how you help them. If they can’t do it, then your feed isn’t getting your message across clearly. Review your imagery, captions and hashtags and create a new content strategy that’s going to help you get specific with what you’re offering. As a planner who’s all about the organisation, you might share lots of facts, figures and tips for wedding planning, or a baker might share regular images of the amazing cakes you’re creating alongside videos and behind the scenes shots of your creations in the making. Get creative!

4. Find more than one way to connect.

It’s a phrase I detest, but it’s true there’s money in the list! On average, for every $1 you spend you can expect a return of $38. That’s a pretty good ROI! Getting a potential client to give away their email address shows a commitment. And if they’re already interested in your service or product, it will be far easier to convert them into a paying client. Start with a free and easy mailing provider like Mailchimp to create a sign-up form for your site, and start inviting your website visitors and social followers to find out more. You can even offer a small incentive, such as a free download or sample to encourage them to sign up!

5. Use testimonials.

No-one sells your business like your existing clients! They’ve already bought into who you are and what you do. Past clients who loved everything about the experience and service you provided are ready to be turned into brand ambassadors, so share their testimonials and feedback with your followers on social media and your website to help attract new clients.

6. Invest in marketing.

You can’t do it all by yourself! No matter how much time and effort you put in to building your network, it’s always going to be far quicker and more effective with some help. Whether mastering targeted Facebook Ads or Instagram promotions, investing in an SEO expert or partnering with a blog or magazine, marketing your brand in the right places will help to expand your reach further than you can do alone.

Ready to start  getting your brand out there and connecting with potential clients beyond your current reach?  I help wedding brands like you connect with style-savvy couples on, click here to request a media kit and start booking more of your ideal clients.