When it comes to PR, there’s nobody better equipped to advise wedding pros than the fabulous Nicola Russill-Roy, founder of Propose PR! Nicola has over fifteen years of PR industry experience, ten of which have been spent handling wedding PR specifically. Plus, as a business owner herself, she knows the struggles we all face only too well. That’s why she’s our go-to PR expert, and a valued member of the HivePros team! In this post, we asked Nicola to share some pointers for establishing yourself as an industry expert.

If you look around the wedding industry, there will be people who are clearly experts within their field of our industry and you may well look up to those experts for reliable advice, information and guidance. But how do you go about establishing yourself as an industry expert?

Here are my top three ways to establish yourself as an industry expert.


The more active you are, the more knowledge and experience you will have; the more you can contribute to, have an opinion on, talk about, and be called upon for your thoughts, etc. Be aware of what is going on in your industry, be clued up on the latest stats, trends, movements, discussions, policies, debates, and what people in your industry are talking about. You need to be in-step all the time; don’t be the person who is regurgitating years old data or news!

Being active can of course be via social media, but also think about networking, speaking engagements, and socialising with your industry colleagues. Attend events, and know what is going on and who’s who. Put yourself forward for opportunities that can help make yourself seen and heard in the industry, such as being a speaker at the next industry event. Host a coffee morning or start a debate on social media, inviting others to have their say.


Getting yourself featured on credible and reputable blogs and in magazines and newspapers means the media are highlighting you as an expert, not just you saying you are an expert. Imagine being able to boast on your social media channels, website and blog that you have been featured in credible publications. Think of the powerful message this sends out. It tells others that you are an expert, you know what you are talking about, you are trustworthy, you know your stuff, you are a figure of authority. Don’t underestimate the power the media has. Get yourself out there in the media and share your expertise with millions!


No one trusts someone who changes their story and is not consistent with their messages. You achieve your status as an expert when people not only like you but feel they can trust you, and trust what you say. If you chop and change your messages, your morals, your information, or your advice, this sends out confusing messages and your audience will question you and wonder if you really know what you are talking about. It’s ok to have different views on things as you and your business evolve and mature, especially when you come to different challenges in your business that you have to overcome. What you may recommend now could be different from say five years ago. This is ok, just remember to always stay true to yourself, and don’t try to be something you are not. Be consistent and don’t change your attitude on things just to suit others or to follow the crowd. Experts are viewed as consistent leaders in my opinion.

Finally, remember that it takes time to become an expert industry leader; it doesn’t happen overnight. My parting word I want you to remember is CONSISTENCY – keep doing what it is you do, but do it with consistency!

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