Isn’t it time you stopped trying to do this alone?

Discover the Hive Vibe

The Hive is so much more than an online training portal or group coaching program. It’s a community-based approach to business development, backed by a library of resources and in-person events. We know the secret to success is surrounding yourself with knowledge AND like-minded people who really get it, and we’re here to give you the support and advice you need on every level.

The Hive is for you if:

YOU ARE new to the wedding industry, or feel like you’re just not getting anywhere with your business

you feel like you lack the knowledge, experience and expertise to really make it in the wedding industry

you feel lost and lacking the support and guidance you need to tackle the challenges of wedding business ownership

How the Hive can help you


You’ll receive personal support and guidance from our founder, Louise, and her team of HivePros, so that you can learn how to grow your business from people who know the industry inside out.


Build lasting connections with likeminded professionals who will help make you realise you’re not alone, expand your industry visibility, and create some pretty amazing collab opportunities along the way.


Get your priorities in order with monthly online training designed to guide you from start-up to fully-fledged wedpreneur with long-term strategies and daily tasks to implement, while keeping you fresh on industry trends and developments.


As we face unprecedented global events, at the HiveTribe we have expanded our offering to provide you with additional support and advice during this time. All members are invited to our weekly group support calls and expert training, as well as the opportunity to access additional 1:1 support with Louise at hugely discounted rates. 


£30 per month

What’s included?

Training & resources worth over £2850 per year including;

  • Monthly online training with Louise and guest experts (worth £600)
  • Quarterly in-person workshops (worth £500)
  • Annual Goal Planning & Strategy Workshop and workbook (worth £250)
  • Members resource library with over 50 training videos, workbooks, podcasts and templates (worth over £1500+)


  • Welcome pack and gift
  • Regular virtual coffee clubs
  • 24/7 support from our Facebook community


We’re about goals not dreams. Dreams don’t pay the bills, but goals are something you can work towards and achieve. Every month we provide you with skills training, practical advice and actionable plans to grow a thriving business. We help you to figure out how to go out there and WORK towards making those goals happen. And we do it TOGETHER.

No waffle. Zero false promises. No bullshit.

What happens next?

Receive your Wedding Business Starter Pack, so you can feel confident your business is ready for success.

Have instant access to our Facebook community for 24/7 support from your very own cheerleading squad.

Dig into the members’ library with over 50 resources to help you with every aspect of your business, from PR and marketing to SEO and social media.

Join our monthly online training sessions with Louise and learn valuable skills and strategies to implement straight away.

Set a reminder for our regular virtual ‘coffee club’. A space to connect, meet, vent, get advice and learn from fellow HiveTribe members.

Be invited to our quarterly in-person workshops, where you can learn new skills, meet members face-to-face and nurture personal connections.

Receive invites to other in-person events, including relaxing member treats, inspiring museum and gallery visits, and industry events.

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Our members describe the Hive as:


This makes us pretty damn happy, because we work hard to do things a little differently round here. We’re definitely more of a ‘throw your hair in a top knot, grab a cup of coffee and power through the to do list’ type, than a six figure a year jet setter who is permanently attached to their iPhone. Don’t get us wrong, we have BIG dreams, it’s just that we’re just more interested in practical ways of achieving them than feeling crappy or guilty for having an off day…


Elizabeth Rose Events

Joining the Hive back in 2017 has been one of the best business decisions that I have made, no questions asked!

Since becoming part of the Hive, I have grown in confidence, understood my business goals more accurately, and learned how to achieve them! I know that there is so much more I can get from being a part of the Hive and I can’t wait to see my business grow & develop over the next few years with the help of my tribe.


Pearline Events

I joined the Hive as it’s a great way to connect with others in the industry. I really enjoy the in-person events, they are a great way to get out, meet new people and learn more about running your own business.

The Resources Library has been fantastic too! There is SO much useful information, guides and tips in there, I am still working my way through it!


Styled for Love

Since becoming a member of the HiveTribe I have been inspired real sense of genuine support and honesty within the group, which feels so refreshing!

I am loving the invaluable resources library and feel excited to be part of this wonderful community as I grow my business.


Brilliantlly Visible

I joined the Hive because I wanted to find likeminded people who I could talk to about my business.

I was initially anxious about joining as I wasn’t sure I would fit in, but there’s a real sense of community over competition and I’ve been forced to push myself out of my comfort zone.


Helen Warner Photography

I joined the Hive because I really knew very few people in the industry and wasn’t sure where I fitted.

I was worried the wedding industry might be shallow or competitive but I’ve been so grateful to have met so many genuine and hard working creatives who inspire me to keep trying harder every day.


Weddings by Siobhan Louise

To be able to belong to a tribe of ladies that support you and care about you, and that you care about and support, some of whom you haven’t even yet met, is truly amazing!

The Hive has totally exceeded all of my expectations and there is no doubt that I will be a lifelong member!


The Curated Kitchen

I joined because I was looking for a network of people that were supportive and inclusive as every other group I had been a part of felt cliquey.

It has far exceeded my expectations, the support from fellow members is priceless and I have learnt so very much from this lovely community


White Olive Design Studio

I joined the hive right after its launch so I could connect with likeminded women in the wedding industry. Being a designer I very rarely get to meet my clients or suppliers I work with so it can feel very lonely at times.

Having the HiveTribe makes me feel like I’m part of a team and there’s always someone around for a chat or to offer advice. I’ve made some amazing friends since being part of the HiveTribe and even though I’ve joined other networking groups, the Hive is the only one I’ve stayed with and it really is a friendly, welcoming and supportive network of amazing women.


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