As we enter our seventh week of working exclusively from home our new daily routines are starting to get a little easier. And while you might not have the time or headspace to dedicate to working full-time while balancing the needs of your family life and homeschooling, here are 5 easy things you can do to grow your business during isolation.


One positive to come out of the past few weeks is that our social audiences have enjoyed a boost as more people turn online to search for inspiration, escapism and advice.

This is a great excuse to update your social media bios, ensuring that you have a consistent message and presence across different platforms, and that your profile photo, description and links are up to date.


Bill Gates said “Content is King” way back in 1996, and today it’s more true than ever.

Couples sat at home are still planning their weddings, doing their research and looking for expert advice to help and guide them through this exciting time in their lives.

Creating a mini blog series of tips and advice not only provides them with the help they need today, but also keeps them coming back to you for more over a period of time giving you multiple opportunities to build trust and a relationship with them.


One thing is for certain, your potential clients will be looking for social proof to judge your reliability and trustworthiness before booking and an easy way to do this is by sharing past client testimonials on your blog and social media feeds.

Spend some time reaching out to past clients to request missing testimonials, and use them to start building more trust with your audience.


As well as social proof, your clients are looking for visual evidence that you can provide the experience that they dream of for their wedding, whether that’s light and airy photography, elegantly styled decor or the comfort of knowing you have their day planned to perfection.

Ensure that you are showcasing your very best work on your website and social media by using this time to update your image galleries with weddings and events that reflect the type of wedding you want to book in the coming seasons.


However well you know your ideal client, their needs, challenges and aspirations are going to change as we go through and emerge from this global pandemic.

While some couples may be feeling the pinch financially, many others are saving by staying at home – no transport to work, overseas travel, meals out and shopping trips all mean extra cash in the bank to spend with you.

Consider how you need to change your marketing messaging, content and services to serve your clients in the best possible way.

What are you doing to grow your business during isolation?

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We’re here for you,

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