If there’s anyone who knows about memorable branding, it’s the genius Becky Lord! Becky is one of our HivePros, specialising in brand identity, logo and website design. She’s already made brand magic for a number of HiveTribe members, who always mention the way that she truly gets to know and understand the needs of each business she works with, so she can create branding you adore and that resonates with your ideal client. In this post, Becky shares her top tips for creating the kind of brand that clients will remember – and recommend!

Whilst planning my own wedding back in 2016-17, I reached out to many suppliers by email, asking a number of questions. I can’t tell you how many of them didn’t answer my questions at all, overlooked key elements of my enquiry, or showed no enthusiasm about my email and made me feel like I was just another booking. My favourite was the one that just said: “Available it will be £785 and you’ll need to pay a deposit now”.

No hello. No care taken with their response. No connection. No booking from me!

In contrast were the suppliers I ended up booking. I knew, realistically, that I wasn’t the first or last bride these suppliers would work with, but they all made me feel like I was the only one. And that’s where the magic lies, because it’s these brands I remember and the ones shout from the rooftops to my newly engaged friends.

Making your brand irresistibly memorable to your dream clients comes down to one factor: your client/customer touch points. What are touch points? Every element of your brand that a potential client comes into contact with before, during and after working with you. Let’s break these down…


Before a client books you, they’ll come into contact with key elements of your business. Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself.

Your branding

  • Does it represent who you are?
  • Will it appeal to your ideal client?
  • Is it consistent?

Your website

  • Is it up to date (both design and content)?
  • Is there a clear journey to booking or contacting you?
  • Do your brand images stop your potential clients in their tracks?
  • Does your website tell them about your services?
  • Is your copy thoughtful, spell-checked and on brand?

Your social profiles

  • Does your imagery match the overall tone of your brand? (For example, don’t opt for moody pictures if your website is light and airy.)
  • Do your captions match your website’s ‘voice’?

Enquiry emails

  • Does the language of your standard reply to enquiries match up with the tone on your website?
  • Have you given new enquiries as much information as they need to secure their booking with you?


Yay! They’ve booked. Now what? If you’re booking clients a year or two in advance, it can be tempting to keep clients on the back burner until closer to the big day. But for a couple, having a supplier who they know cares and feels truly invested in their wedding throughout the whole run-up is going to set you apart from your competitors.

How can you do this?

  • Little touches go a long way! Send a welcome pack or ‘thank you for booking’ card. A welcome pack is also a great way to inform couples of your timeline and any deadlines they may need to stick to.
  • Keep clients informed and in the loop of your process. Do they need to complete anything before you can begin? Help keep them on track.
  • Even if you’re the kind of supplier who isn’t needed until the big day, a few helpful emails along the way will reassure them you’ve not forgotten about them. For example, if you’re a makeup artist, send your recommendations for skin care and prep, or spa recommendations close to them.
  • Going that extra mile really is worth it. The little things are just as important as the big! One of my favourite memories of Rebecca Wilkie on our wedding day wasn’t just the planning and coordination she kept on top of, but she kept hold of my husband’s phone and wallet as he hadn’t thought to leave them at home!


Once the wedding has been and gone, it’s unlikely your client will need your services again, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make a little effort to wrap things up. These little details will all help keep you in mind for the next time they know of someone who is looking for the services you offer.

Some simple aftercare touches include:

  • Sending a congratulations card or gift
  • Inviting them to your referral scheme, if you have one
  • Asking them to leave a review

And of course, it goes without saying that throughout all of these touch points, your brand identity should be consistent. From logos to fonts and colours, everything should seamlessly click together.

How do you stay memorable to your clients?

Time or that long overdue rebrand? Or maybe your start-up is in desperate need of visuals to give you brand traction. Becky can help! Her HivePros brand design packages will help elevate your business to the next level – find out more about them HERE.