Are you ready for a business coach? As a wedding entrepreneur, you might feel like you should have everything figured out. After all, you’ve probably bootstrapped your business to success so far on your own. You’re self-motivated, self-driven, and self-sufficient. Maybe you’ve been in business for a few years now and things are ticking along nicely. You’re earning enough to contribute to family spending and the occasional treat. Life is good… but you want more.

Every business owner comes to a point where the strategies they’ve employed up until that point no longer seem to have the same impact. Where they’re tired of worrying about money and the endless hustle to win jobs. Where not having enough to pay the monthly bills is a constant threat.

Perhaps you’ve already found yourself at this point and tried to find the answers on your own. You’ve consumed all the free content you can get your hands on (and there’s a LOT of free content to wade through online these days – both good and not so good!) But for all those hours you’ve spent, you’ve had little to no result. In fact, all this conflicting advice is starting to overwhelm you. You’re lacking focus and direction, and you don’t know what to do next. And you begin to wonder: AM I ready for a business coach?

The truth is, nobody can go it alone forever – in business or in life. Even the most successful people in their field need outside guidance and support. After all, you wouldn’t expect a pro athlete to coach themselves!

But being ready isn’t just about having the need for a coach because you’re stuck or overwhelmed or frustrated. It’s also about being at a point where you have the right mindset to truly benefit from your investment. Here are the three signs that you’re ready (and willing) to take that next step.


The most important first step is always admitting that you need help. That can be difficult, but it isn’t a sign of failure or weakness. In fact, having the ability to recognise gaps in your knowledge and skills makes you a better business leader, and seeking outside support and perspective should be a natural part of your business’ development.


One of the problems with being a solopreneur is that you tend to only listen to your own advice. At first, that can be a good thing, but it can ultimately lead to stagnation. As the saying goes: businesses are like sharks – they need to be in perpetual motion to survive. A good business coach will disrupt your traditional ways of doing things, and bring new ideas and processes. They’ll also stimulate your own sense of innovation – if you let them! It’s vital that you embrace new ways of thinking as part of the process, in order to break the current cycle.


A business coach can do a lot for you, but ultimately, the real work is down to you. You’ll need to devote energy and enthusiasm into learning new tools AND implementing them. (After all, a notebook full of good ideas is useless if it stays on the shelf!) Hiring a business coach is a significant investment (my standard coaching packages start at £1250 for a full day, £3200 for 3 months of coaching, and £8500 for a 6-month Signature rebrand and launch, although I also have bespoke options). However, when you’re ready to truly show up for your business, and put your money, time, and effort into doing the work, then you’ll see incredible results and a quick return on that investment.

So if the answer to the question: “Are you ready for a business coach?” is a resounding YES, then congratulations! You’re about to embark on the next stage of your business and personal success. Working with a coach gives you a safe space to process, vent, and brainstorm alongside a mentor and expert who can offer invaluable advice, as well as practical actions, to help you make amazing things happen. What’s not to get excited about?

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