If you constantly find yourself scrabbling for scraps of paper, misplaced notebooks and despairing over your out-of-date diary, then this post is for you!

Our creative, entrepreneurial brains (the ones that make us so good at what we do!) can be our worst enemy when it comes to planning our time, managing client workloads AND finding time to work on our own businesses too.  If you’re feeling like client work and admin are taking over your life, it’s time to get a yearly planner and start streamlining your to-do list and both long and short-term goals.

While I’ll never ditch my Google Calendar for easy access across different devices and notifications (plus syncing with our online Industry & Events Calendar) I’ve been using planners for the past couple of years and they truly have revolutionised how I work.  I’ve tried all sorts of time management apps, software and diaries, but I’ve never quite got to grips with these techy solutions over a simple pen and paper!


For 2017 i decided to use a Life Styled Planner.  Designed by wedding pros for busy creatives, the designs, layout and little extras all work together to provide everything a wedding pro needs to keep their life in order.   With the ability to create daily, weekly and monthly overviews so I always know where I’m at, I can easily keep on top of key priorities, work towards longer term goals and never miss an important appointment.

I loved it so much, I asked the ladies behind the brand to stock it in the Hive shop. And they said yes. Grab yours now for just £30.

Each day includes a section for top priorities (mine usually includes remembering to buy milk, paying invoices and replying to enquiries) as well as separate spaces for your daily to-do list and appointments. I try to write my to do list at the end of each day, so I know what I need to tackle as soon as I reach my laptop the next morning and can get cracking!  I keep my planner open on my desk all day, and nothing pleases me more than seeing a page full of ticked-off items at the end of the day.  Anything remaining gets added to the next day’s list along with new items.

My favourite feature is the monthly pages – gone are my days of printed online calendars – this quick and easy overview of everything that’s booked at the Hive and acts as a visual reminder for any prep work.  The monthly view is also great for visually targeting your project deadlines and goals (and adding updates as you go)

I also love the pull-out yearly planner.  Here you can easily highlight key dates (this one is pinned next to my desk for easy reference of Hive events and bookings!).

But the biggest benefit is being able to keep all my thoughts, goals, meetings and bookings all in one place rather than on scraps of paper and multiple notebooks – it’s the Hive bible!


Need help streamlining your goals and to-do list? Grab your favourite planner and remember:

  1. Use the daily pages to keep track of your to-do list
  2. Add three key priorities
  3. Never miss an appointment or event!
  4. Use the monthly overview for a birds-eye view of bigger project deadlines and goals
  5. Pin the yearly planner above your desk for easy reference on key dates

You can get your own Life Styled Planner (in one of four beautiful designs) in the Hive Shop, was £45 now £30 + shipping.  And don’t forget Hive Members get 5% off!

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Photography: Julie Michaelsen Photography