Last month, I wrote about how now is the time to get your business ready for the new year, and that includes marketing and PR. I know, I know, you’re already wearing multiple hats and you barely have time to check your emails, but taking strategic steps to get your business out there and reach new clients is essential to its growth. So if you haven’t already created a marketing plan for next year, it’s time to get busy! One of the best (and easiest) ways you can market your wedding business is by working with wedding blogs.


Blogs may just seem like pages of pretty, but they’re actually powerful marketing engines driven by savvy publishers. Bloggers educate, inform, and inspire couples, setting expectations on everything from trends and details to budgets and suppliers. They update their social media channels multiple times a day, meaning they can react more quickly to trends and market shifts than traditional media. They put a constant flow of information in front of content-obsessed millennial couples, and engage in conversations with them in real time.

How can this help you market your wedding business?

  • Impressions: Consistency and repetition are key for converting your audience from followers to clients. Research says it takes seeing your brand 7+ times before a potential client will get in touch. Blogs help by constantly putting you out there to a targeted readership.
  • Alignment: Most blogs have a clearly defined niche (just like you do!). For this reason, it’s always a good idea to work with one or two closely at any given time, instead of spreading yourself thinly across too many platforms. By consistently targeting an audience that aligns with your aesthetics, values, and style, you will achieve better results.
  • Reach: Bloggers typically have audiences much larger than yours, and that allows you to amplify your reach quickly.
  • Trust: Trust is an important factor in converting followers to clients. Readers trust bloggers, and in turn, trust the suppliers they recommend (i.e. you!).
  • Interaction: Social media is about being part of a conversation and showing your personality. Interacting with bloggers online and on social media will boost engagement on your own channels too.


If I had a pound for every time someone asked me how to get featured on wedding blogs, I’d be buying my groceries at the Harrod’s Food Hall. But in fact, there are a number of ways of working with wedding blogs. Some of these are paid-for, while others are collaborative, and this can vary, depending on the focus of the blog. As a rule of thumb, anything specifically promoting one brand is usually paid-for, while projects and events that are mutually beneficial are free.

For example:

  • Real weddings and styled shoots: These are generally free to feature since beautiful content is a blogger’s bread and butter. However, they may prioritise or exclusively accept features from their directory members.
  • Expert/advice posts: These are usually free, unless they are more advertorial in nature. Bloggers generally only offer guest blogs to suppliers with whom they have a long-term relationship, and who can add genuine value with their expertise. If you agree to write one of these posts, it’s important to be professional and submit it on time, or you may not be asked again.
  • Sponsored posts/social media posts/directory listings: These are all paid-for options. They promote just your brand, with no distraction, and often work best as part of a package of regular promotion.
  • Content creation: Many bloggers are expert content creators, and this (paid) option can be one of the most effective. It works particularly well for style-led brands whose audiences connect with a particular blogger’s style, and may involve a photo shoot, styled shoot, press trip, product review, etc.

Whichever way of working with a blog you choose, it’s important to remember that blogs are businesses too, so supporting them (both financially or by creating a mutual benefit) will help them support you better too.


So you’re ready to work with bloggers to supercharge your marketing, and you know your ideal client. How do you go about choosing the right blog?

The most important thing is to do your research. Take some time to look at their content. Is it image led? Informative? Story led? What do they share (on the blog and on social media) and how is it targeted?

You should also look carefully at their style and aesthetic. Is it trend-led, vintage, modern, creative, or fine art? Is the photography style they feature light and airy, moody, film or hybrid, or documentary?

Now ask yourself, are their editorial and visual focuses a fit for your brand? Don’t be distracted by how big or well-known a blog is if it doesn’t align with the client you want to attract. Ultimately, you will be wasting your time and money, and not seeing any results.


Once you have narrowed down your blog targets, it’s time to start building that relationship!

  • Set goals: Go into the process knowing what you want to achieve, so that you have a measure of success at the start.
  • Target your niche: Whatever you submit or create, remember to focus on your audience!
  • Be friendly: Never send a ‘Dear Blogger’ blanket email! Build a genuine relationship and be friendly and polite.
  • Pitch: Bloggers are always looking for great content. Pitch your ideas and ask for feedback so you can best understand what they are looking for. It’s also important to be timely – don’t send a festive styled shoot on 20 December!

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