It’s September. Another busy wedding season is finally winding down, and the kids are back at school (which for me means equal amounts of relief and missing so much quality time with the girls). It’s back to business, back to a routine. And guess what?


Yes, you read that correctly. It’s time to start getting your wedding business ready for a new year now.

But isn’t it too early? Actually, no.

Many of us make the mistake of leaving our planning for the next year until the end of the current one. November and December often feel like a natural time to rest, reflect, and put our house in order, while January seems like an ideal time to plan for the year ahead. But as wedding pros who have been around the block a few times will know, if you wait until January, you’re already too late.


November to February is proposal season – as much as 37% of proposals take place at this time of year (blame it on the holiday magic!). That means that brand new brides and grooms (aka potential clients) will be looking to start their wedding planning in January, and you’ll need to be ready for them.

For example, now is a great time to review your branding and decide if you need a brand refresh or even a complete rebrand. Ask yourself:

  • Am I attracting my ideal clients?
  • Have those clients changed?
  • Does my branding still reflect my style and service?
  • Is my branding still appealing to my clients?
  • Does my brand collateral (i.e. logo, website, social media and brand imagery) still reflect my brand values?

A brand refresh takes around 2–3 months, and a full rebrand 4–6 months, so if you’re aiming for a new year launch, it’s time to start booking things in now.


  • Now is also a good time to take a look at your marketing message and ensure it is consistent across all platforms including: your website, about page, social media bios, and social media posts. Do you need to refine your brand ‘voice’?
  • Blogs and magazines are already scheduling new year content now, with magazines working on their spring issues. If you want to secure a feature at this prime time of year for press exposure, you need to think ahead by scheduling in styled shoots (ideally before the clocks change at the end of October, for the best light) and submit your work by November at the latest.
  • Couples are hungry for advice and inspiration, so make sure your blog has a good archive of posts. Remember, it takes time for good SEO practices to show results, so if you want to see a pay-off in the new year, you should be putting in the work now. It’s also time to make sure your newsletter is up and running so that you can feed new clients will tips and advice, and stay top of mind when the competition for their attention heats up.


Not sure where to get started? The Hive can help! As a member, you get access to our regular training sessions and resource library to help you get ahead. Our resources include:

  • How to do a website audit podcast
  • Help with goal setting and strategy
  • Client journey mapping training and workbook
  • Cashflow forecast template

And so much more!

Our team of HivePros is also on hand to help with ensuring your web copy is on point and to take the stress out of writing blog posts and social media (amongst other chores). And did you know that I can help you refresh your brand imagery and attract more of your ideal clients with brand shoots and campaigns via our sister company, The Brand Studio? We’re now booking for October and November 2019 brand sessions.

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